ADS and GCADA Partnership

The Greater Cleveland Auto Dealers Association and Advanced Dealer Solutions are teaming up to offer dealers F&I Training and Development

In the month of August, The GCADA announced ADS as the Preferred Provider for F&I Training and Development and awarded them the coveted GCADA approved badge!

Words from GCADA

‘We look forward to providing our members with a comprehensive resource for F&I training and development.’

Words from ADS

‘At ADS we are proud to offer dealers an unbiased approach to their F&I decision-making process.’ – stated Ryan Nelson, EVP of ADS ‘There are so many options for dealers today it sometimes becomes difficult to discern what is best for their specific and unique business. ADS enjoys the opportunity to present dealers with a variety of options which are all catered around exceeding the dealer’s goals and objectives.’ Nelson added.

‘We were impressed with the amount of due diligence the GCADA performed on our team, sales process, training platform, and the relationships we have with our dealers.’ – says Bob Mancuso President of ADS ‘To be awarded the Preferred Provided status for F&I Training & Development validates what we have been doing for our dealers over the last eight years.’ Mancuso went on to say.


The Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association (GCADA), represents over 265 new motor vehicle dealerships in a 21-county region of Northern Ohio, including franchised new car and truck, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle (RV) dealers.  GCADA provides products, programs, and services to its members and produces the Cleveland Auto Show.

About ADS

Advanced Dealer Solutions is a premier dealer development agency specializing in F&I training and development, product structure, and reinsurance management.

Women In Leadership

Gina Cocking is the CEO of Colonnade Advisors and represents the 2% of women who are CEOs at financial institutions. She brings 20+ years of experience in investment banking and executive leadership to the table including experience as a CFO in multiple companies.

When Gina was recently interviewed by Ryan Nelson of the Advanced Principles Podcast, Ryan asked Gina what advice she might have for other women looking to enter the competitive and male-dominated industries like automotive, technology, and investment banking.

Gina (23:00)

“I think 15 years from now, 20 years from now, the guys better watch out. Women are going to college at a higher rate than men. Something like 60 to 65 percent of the incoming college class is female.” 

The pandemic was extremely challenging to the women’s leadership movement. With schools closed and much of the infrastructure for working women disrupted, many families had to make tough decisions and compromises. Homeschooling became the norm, and many women had to shift their schedules.

So what is Gina’s top advice for women that want to make it to the top echelon of the career ladder?

Gina: (28:00):

Marry well. And I don’t mean marry wealthy.

Find a partner who supports you, who gets that your career is just as important as his career. 

Throughout your lives together, know that you’re going to have to make trade-offs. There are some things that are not going to be fun, but you do them together.

If your partner supports you, you can get through it. It’s important that your partner does not feel like their career path is more important. That is the number one key to success.  

About the podcast episode featuring Gina Cocking

Advanced Dealer Solutions is a premier F&I development agency specializing in the automotive, RV, and powersports industries. Advanced Dealer Solutions works to maximize the purchasing experience as well as increase F&I sales and profits as well as increase service sales and retention.

Advanced Dealer Solutions has assembled one of the most sought-after F&I training platforms in the industry. We have a passion for increasing dealer profits by providing industry-leading technology and implementing an F&I selling system that is guaranteed to elevate performance. Advanced Dealer Solutions is driven to provide dealers with products and solutions that result in increased production, profitability, customer retention, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Advanced Principles Podcast was created to be an outlet for like-minded individuals to share in the broader conversations on leadership, retail market updates, and incredible success stories.

Colonnade Advisors has deep experience in the automotive dealership services industry. Please see the pre-event interview series here for more information about Colonnade in the industry, M&A drivers, and more.

Colonnade Securities is a leading investment banking firm that has completed over $9 billion in M&A transactions for clients in the business and financial services industries.

View the full interview here, Episode 34 With Gina Cocking.

ADS Receives “Agency Growth Award” From Axiom

We are delighted to announce Advanced Dealer Solutions was presented the 2021 Agency Growth Award from Axiom Product Administration. We were able to spend some time working with part of the Axiom team learning about different product updates and going through processes. We also found ourselves taking some time to get to know each other a little better through friendly and competitive gaming.

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