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Advanced Principles Podcast was created to be an outlet for like-minded individuals to share in the broader conversations on leadership, retail market updates, and incredible success stories. On APP you’ll hear a collection of stories from the titans of the retail industry as well as thought and practice leaders covering the spectrum of the economy.

In this episode, we ask Shannon about the recently proposed changes affecting our industry, some common compliance issues, and we get into our fast 5 section (watch to find out what that is).

In a little over seven years at AFIP, Shannon has been instrumental in streamlining operational structures and processes. He’s always looking for innovative ways AFIP can support its members, agents, and dealers. A natural trainer, Shannon also conducts AFIP certification boot camps. Many of his ideas for service enhancements, such as visual tools and acronyms that make training even more accessible and memorable to boot camp attendees, come from feedback in the field.  ADS offers locations and discounts for the AFIP certification course visit the Contact page for information.

For over 20 years, Travis has performed as an improvisational comedian, performance coach, and corporate training specialist. His coaching practices combines the principles of improvisation and personal performance to help individuals and organizations with mindset, culture, and collaboration. He has worked with companies including JP Morgan Chase, CitiGroup, Jansen Pharmaceuticals, PepsiCo, Under Armour, Gatorade, and Cintas.

Travis Thomas is the Founder of Live,Yes And. Sharing his interactive and inspiring message of purpose, authenticity, and collaboration to audiences and companies across the US. For the past 3 years, he has been the Leadership and Team Dynamics Coach for the USA Men’s National Soccer Team.

Wells navigates us through the mental side of playing professional sports and also talks about his transition to his real-life goal of being a Dad. As well as the hardest parts of being a retired professional athlete living in the “real world”.

Wells Thompson, was a 9-year Professional Soccer Player (#5 pick in the 2007 MLS Draft and 2010 MLS Cup Champion) and is currently a coach, entrepreneur, and ultrarunner. His faith, relationships, and the sport of soccer have played a critical role in shaping him into the man he is today. He’s passionate about helping others reach their full mental, physical and emotional potential, on and off the field through his company Soccer Resilience

Our second part with Gina Cocking is loaded with insightful and actionable information for both F&I agents and dealers. Gina will be speaking about the future outlook with administration companies, reinsurance, and tips for single-point dealers.

Gina Cocking is the CEO of Colonnade Advisors, a leading investment bank focused on Mergers and Acquisitions in the business services and financial services industries. She represents the 2% of women who are CEOs at financial institutions and has 20+ years of experience in investment banking and executive leadership.

In part 2 we discuss Carsaver’s mission to help consumers save time and money by giving them everyday low prices and payments to buy, finance, lease, and insure all the top brands of new & used cars – right in the palm of their hand. Carsaver also delivers hassle-free buying and worry-free driving with their lifetime powertrain warranty, which covers every vehicle purchase for unlimited miles, and unlimited time at no additional cost.

Hear Chad Collier’s perspective of growing up in the automotive sector, creating a three-store group, and the story behind becoming a partner with Walmart!

, discusses  how he pivoted from the corporate world into academia and the merits of executive education programs.

 Melvin L. Smith, Ph.D  talks about his research and teaching focus on leadership and emotional intelligence in the workplace, as well as the development and use of human and social capital in organizations through executive coaching.

If you missed any of our episodes in “Fixed Ops February” we have compiled a mix of highlights from the month! Hear from some of the best thought leaders in the automobile industry covering all things service. We will learn about retention, efficiency, and gaining conquest customers.

On this episode, we sit down with the National Business Development Manager for National Automotive Experts / NWANCliff Childers as we discuss all the benefits Warranty Forever has to offer.

We typically see a 29% increase in unit sales, 31% increase in PVR and a 49% increase in customer pay repair orders!

On this episode of APP we sit down with the SVP of Client CommandChris Martin and we talk about the technology behind the Active Shopper Network®.

Chris has spent the past 15 years working closely with dealers to understand their goals and align Client Command’s industry-leading marketing solutions to drive results for their businesses.

On Advanced Principles Podcast second episode with Brandon Doran, we discuss creating a process geared towards fostering long-term customer relationships and satisfaction through the service drive.

Advanced Principles Podcast welcomes Brandon Doran, President of Total Performance Solutions. Total Performance Solutions is an Automotive Consulting, Training and Distribution Company that specializes in helping automotive dealers enact programs and processes to improve profitability and retention while focusing on preventive care and relationship building.

What does it take to be a leader and build a great team?

We learn the answer to these questions and many more insights from Mike Terry in the final part of our conversation with him.

Have you ever wondered what the process of obtaining a franchise dealership looks like? In our second part with Mike Terry we hear his story about his path to obtaining one.

Mr. Terry’s experience encompasses an enviable variety of auto dealership business management and professional sales talents, including executive leadership, strategic planning, marketing and sales, service department, financing and insurance services, team building and management, customer relations, and negotiations abilities. He enjoys having a lifetime of success in bringing the finest automobiles and automotive service to customers personally and through his staff.

We are finishing off our conversation with Thom Qafzezi from Molto Crescendo and 2021 with the topic of leadership. Do you want to set your team up for success in 2022? Do not miss our second part with Thom.

We welcome Thom Qafzezi the CEO and founder of Molto Crescendo on APP. Thom combines over 20 years of operations leadership and people development experience; with his passion for helping people and organizations excel.

Molto Crescendo’s mission is to boost the effectiveness of leaders and teams within mid-market and large companies who are ready and willing to make a shift in the way they select, equip, and develop their leaders and organizational talent.

What does your pre-owned inventory situation look like? Our second episode with Nick Gerlach from CarOffer is now out. Nick shares with us the benefits of CarOffer and how well the integration with CarGurus has been.

Our second part is filled with insights on how to best use the platform and stories from Nick’s time in Texas. 

APP welcomes Nick Gerlach, Vice President of Dealer Relations at CarOffer. In this first episode with Nick, we learn about his journey from starting and growing within Sewell Automotive and making the switch to CarOffer to help its rapid expansion.

Strategic DX – Your Dealer Experience is primed to change the way customers interact with your dealership post-sale.

In this part, Ryan and Steven both share their various experiences and outlooks on the automotive industry.

Steven Apicella is set out to fill the digital vacancy in the post-sale dealer customer F&I administrator gap, which has long been overdue in the automotive industry. Part two is now out, follow one of the links below and learn more about Strategic DX – Your Dealer Experience!

Don’t miss this epic APP podcast! The future of the auto industry is here today. Buckle up for the insightful, actionable and on-point conversation with Steven Apicella of Strategic DX – Your Dealer Experience.

In our second part with Mason Samuels, we discuss personal finance decisions that will change your life. To finish our conversation with Mason we will have our “Fast Five” questions you do not want to miss.

This week on APP we welcome Mason Samuels from True Wealth Advisors Inc., a financial planning firm located in Greenwood Village, CO. Mason will discuss his path to becoming a financial advisor and running his own office.

Part two with Richard Snaith from Xzilon Protection Products is out. This week Richard talks about the chemistry behind the products they offer and how they benefit the dealer and the customer.

Episode 10

On this episode of APP, we welcome Richard Snaith, President of Operations for Xzilon Protection Products. Richard shows us that the American Dream is alive and well as we discuss some of the multiple small businesses he has formed and partnered in. We also cover the various experiences Richard has had within the auto industry.  

Episode 9

On this episode of Advanced Principles Podcast, we welcome back Kelly Price the Founder of Changing Lives Foundation and National Automotive Experts / NWAN. She will be speaking about an event coming up to help you become a more passionate and inspired leader while supporting a great organization.

Episode 8

A big thank you to Kellen Pagel for spending time with us and sharing his knowledge of fitness and nutrition with everyone. We believe you can learn a lot about healthy living with open and relaxed conversations with professionals such as Kellen. We encourage everyone listening who is curious about Orange Theory or have been finding trouble to start their own journey to give it a try.

Episode 7

On this episode of APP, we welcome Kellen Pagel a former collegiate football and baseball player at the University of Massachusetts. He is currently a certified fitness professional, fitness nutrition specialist, and business owner. We look forward to speaking with him about creating a healthier, happier world from the inside out.

Episode 6

We are back with Jonathan Lucenay the founder and CEO of Client Command, to discuss creating a strategic marketing plan for your dealership, best practices for the future of automotive marketing, and competing at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

Episode 5

On this episode of APP, we sit down with Jonathan Lucenay the founder and CEO of Client Command who offers dealers real-time insights into who has started shopping, stopped shopping, or continued shopping in the past 24 hours. We will discuss his true passion for the industry that started at a young age and some of his expert insights on where automotive marketing is heading.

Episode 4

We are back with Chris Dalziel, the Executive Director at London & Capital. In this episode, we discuss his insights on the current market, how the US consumer will be shifting, and his love for America.

Episode 3

For our second guest on APP we are excited to have Chris Dalziel, the Executive Director at London & Capital. He will discuss the changes in the space since he started, active asset management vs passive asset management, and some of the biggest drivers for returns.

Episode 2

Our second episode of APP with Kelly Price, the founder and CEO of National Automotive Experts / NWAN is now available! In this episode, we dive into the sale of NAE, her philanthropy, and our first fast five section.

Episode 1

The wait is over! The first episode of APP is now available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iHeartradio, YouTube, and Android.

This week we speak with Kelly Price, Founder of National Automotive Experts / NWAN. We discuss Kelly’s professional journey, the creation of Warranty Forever, and maintaining a dynamic corporate culture throughout the pandemic.



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