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Dealership Development

ADS was founded with providing F&I Training and Development that gets results, instead of excuses. Through the years our training platform has received praise from dealer principals, tenured F&I Directors, as well as associates new to the dealership environment.

Our F&I Selling System

The ADS selling system is designed to be visually engaging while lowering the walls of resistance between the customer and F&I product presentations. Our process of showing the “Why, What, and How” and separating the sale from the close has been proven to increase customers satisfaction and profitability.

The ‘ONE’ Touch Experience

ADS believes consumer behavior is changing and dealers should be given a choice on what sales process they adopt in their dealership. We have experience in transitioning dealers from a traditional process consisting of a salesperson, negotiation, close then a T.O. to an F&I department to a ONE touch experience where the customer builds rapport with one person who completes the transaction from start to finish.

Advanced F&I Skills Course

The ADS Skills Course is designed to improve the overall performance of the F&I professional regardless of tenure. We use a highly-interactive format intended to further develop the attendees base, and advanced skillsets. Past attendees have stated “this was the best training and development I have ever attended”.

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Aug 2021 Skills Course 8.17.2021

Are you with the right F&I provider?

Our three point approach; Sell more vehicles, increase total dealership gross profit, and maximize participation in reinsurance results, allows us to focus on the specific points which matter most to dealers. 
– Customized Why Buy Here options
– Award-winning sales and F&I training and development
– State-of-the-art service sales and retention tools
– Active management of all the dealers’ reinsurance activities
We have provided a checklist to help you determine if you are truly maximizing your results with your current F&I Provider. Enter your email and the PDF will be sent out.
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