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Products & Programs

ADS only partners with top administrators and insurers. Our partners are viewed as leaders in product innovation and administration as well as support our viewpoint of advocating for the dealer’s success.

  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Accelerate the payoff of any loan while building your credit. Pay off your loan faster and be debt free sooner.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Let us create a customized, dealership branded limited warranty program to increase sales, service, and F&I.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • New vehicle, high-mileage, lifetime wraps, high-tech components, ultra-luxury, CPO wraps, and after sale.
  • We offer service contracts from the most recognized names in the industry. With terms ranging from 6 months to lifetime, we are sure to have a program to fit your unique needs.
  • Click to see VSC video.
  • Click to see RevUltraLux video.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • GAP coverage can provide you protection if you owe more than what your insurance company will pay at the time of a total loss.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Increase service retention with a dealer branded program providing custom services, redemptions, and terms.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Patented technology inside and out to provide the customer protection against the elements, and everyday use.
  • Vehicle sanitization products to protect from viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus.
  • XMicrobe Antimicrobial Treatment video.
  • RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Ride-On and Monster Seal offer customers added security with self-sealing technology to prevent unexpected interruptions from ruining the perfect weekend getaway.
  • Powersports video.
  • RV video.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Road hazard coverage with no deductible with optional chrome and cosmetic coverage available.
  • Auto
  • Provides removal of minor dents and dings from a trained technician with no deductible.
  • Hail damage deductible coverage optional.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Standard and luxury level coverage available.
  • Tile® tracking technology.
  • Key protection video.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports
  • Finance your F&I products outside of the auto finance deal
  • How it works.
  • Auto
  • Tire & Wheel, Dent & Ding, Windshield, Key and Roadside Assistance can all be bundled together to provide your customer complete protection.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Customer benefits up to $4,000.
  • Auto
  • Reinsured program provided dealer benefit up to $2,500 per occurrence.
  • Auto
  • A chemical application proven to make the windshield stronger and less prone to chips and cracks.
  • Provides repairs for minor chips and cracks.
  • Auto, RV, Powersports, Golf Cars
  • Trip interruption, recovery & towing, service calls, and 24-hour service.

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