The Power of Branding

If I asked you what sets your auto, motorcycle, or RV dealership apart from the rest what would be the answer? I can tell you the common answers are family owned, community driven, friendly staff, customer service, or worse yet the lowest price! It is the same old thing you hear with every other dealership. There is no curiosity or real awe factor for the consumer.

What if you could offer your customer a lifetime powertrain warranty at no cost and no catch? I can tell you no amount of marketing can compete with a complimentary lifetime powertrain warranty. The main reason is that it creates curiosity and gives value to your customer. Below is some of the marketing our auto, powersport, and RV customers have utilized. The amount of traffic an advertisement like that can bring to your store is unmatched.

What areas does Warranty Forever impact in your store? The simple answer is every department will see an increase in revenue. Warranty Forever helps your sales staff sell more cars because of the high value your dealership offers. Your F&I managers will have more opportunities from customers who see the benefit of being covered in the event their vehicle breaks down. It gives your dealership a chance to speak about the benefits of servicing there. Dealers have seen a 29% increase in unit sales, 31% increase in PVR, a 70% increase in customer pay repair order dollars, and many more benefits

In a world filled with monotonous digital ads, social displays, and emails add something to your dealership to help you stand out in the marketplace. To learn more about Warranty Forever visit our informational webpage.

Michael Sabol – Marketing/Business Development Coordinator – Advanced Dealer Solutions