Spring is often associated with rejuvenation, regrowth, and rebirth. One could argue those three words take on more importance this spring season than most others in recent memory. 

The good news is, all three seem to be in play this year, especially in the retail industry.  

March brings a time change (for most of the country), one of the greatest sporting events ever created (March Madness) and Auto, RV and Powersports shows fill convention centers across the country displaying the latest and greatest each manufacturer has to offer.  

The shows this season are filled with a variety of electric options from many manufacturers. This is not the first foray into electrification for this car-crazed country, in fact, far from it. Take moment to read the article below about the history of the electric automobile and how we got to where we are today.  

Speaking of EV’s, please also take a moment to learn more about a VSC option from a great partner of ours, Axiom Administration, for the growing market of electric vehicles.  

Lastly, make sure to visit the Toy Box below for an added history lesson about the electric vehicle and its ties to Cleveland, Ohio! 

We hope all of you are ready to ‘spring’ into action as we head into the main selling season.

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