Generation Z, also known as zoomers, who include people born between 1997 and 2021, are the most informed customers in history. Education levels are on track to be the highest we have ever seen, high school dropout percentages are low, college enrollment rates are up, literacy rates have skyrocketed over the world, and IQ scores have been on an uprise since the 20th century. With all the information available to them, Gen Z has the chance to disrupt the industry by the way they make decisions.

Generation Z uses search engines and social networks to research every buying detail possible. After they do their online research, they open up the questions to their personal network to gauge opinions from their peers. They have been and will continue to be a buying by committee generation. Gen Z wants to confirm they are making the smartest purchase possible, and they do this by utilizing technology and consensus. From an early age, they have been taught to ‘Google it’ which has led to a generation with a plethora of information and the ability to create an opinion of a product or service within 5 minutes.

Buying behavior is much more thought out than it used to be. Knowing who is shopping for a car early in the information stage of buying is critical. Mass marketing your message blindly to a huge audience is a thing of the past. Dealers need to harness the power of technology and learn how to target active shoppers. Getting a Gen Z customer in the door first is critical. Being able to tell your story and speak about your “Why Buy Here” is a great opportunity to win that consumer’s business.

Automotive marketing has seen many new and innovative companies in the past few years. The leader of technology is hands down Client Command. They identify active shoppers as early as 24 hours into the buyers’ online journey by using artificial intelligence. What also sets them apart is they have legal permission to market directly to customers who have never shared their permissible data with your dealership. This technology will absolutely crush your primary marketing area and create reoccurring customers.

Giving a younger consumer a great car buying experience the first or second time they purchase a car is critical. If they love their experience, it has the potential to create loyalty to your dealership that could last a lifetime.

Written by Michael Sabol, Marketing/Business Development Coordinator.