As each state evaluates, and announces their plans to reopen, there are many factors a dealer must consider. Customer and associate safety, staffing, payroll, and of course the all too familiar CDC guidelines for ‘Social Distancing’ all sit atop most dealers lists of critical changes to business practices, and decisions needing to be made.

Marketing and brand awareness may be nestled just beneath, safety, compliance, etc.

  • How does a dealer effectively communicate their messaging to their target markets?
  • What message will make customers comfortable engaging in the purchasing process?
  • When is the right time to turn the proverbial spigot back on and broadcast to the masses that dealer is open and ready to sell some vehicles?

In a recent article in Digital Dealer, Chris Martin from Client Command outlines four things to “Turn the lights back on”.

Double-down on people, not media. Now, internet usage is skyrocketing, but just because more people are online, doesn’t mean your digital strategy is reaching actual shoppers. Truth is, most digital ad spend is connected to anonymous cookies. The faster you can turn on marketing to actual shoppers, the better the investment for you, and the more relevant the content for the customer you hope to serve.

Application: Prioritize marketing strategies that identify people who are actively shopping today. The Active Shopper Network® reports online shopping activity is fluctuating with the changing events of COVID-19. What a shopper is doing today might not match what that shopper does tomorrow. You want to get in front of shoppers as quickly as possible and stay with them while they shop. You do that through data, not a media channel.”

Now is not the time to waste valuable advertising dollars and wonder if you are effectively communicating to your target audience. Reach your markets Active Shoppers by utilizing Client Commands patented technology and have confidence your message is being seen by the right audience.

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Link to full Digital Dealer – Getting Out of the Dark article.