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Our testimonials are humbling as much as they are rewarding. Having good logic, sound principles, and strong beliefs are at the core of our success.

“Truly amazing professionals, truly amazing team. It is great working with the best. I am so proud to be affiliated with Advanced Dealer Solutions. From Bob through Mark and the rest of their team, the training has been cutting edge and continuous. They hold us to such a high level of commitment and do it in such a comfortable way. I cannot even imagine how great we can become with our partnership with these amazing sales pros.”

–  http://c21edpariseau.com/about-us/ Kirt Frye, President
buy cheap augmentin Sunnyside Automotive Group

“If you have been around the car business for any length of time I am sure you are aware that there is a myriad of people and companies out there more than willing to offer their ‘services’ to make you more ‘successful’. Being with the Sunnyside organization for 32 years and a partner/GM for the last 25 years, my tolerance for letting any of these so-called ‘experts and consultants’ in my store is very, very small.
Having said all of that as a background, I would say that I greatly value our store’s relationship with the team from ADS. In the last year, we have seen substantial growth year over year in our F&I department. There are a number of things I like about our partnership with ADS, the first of which is the increased income, but also the fact that they act as partners and not as ‘the expert who knows everything’. When Mark Evanoff comes into our store he is prepared, professional and understands the proper approach to help get the most out of our F&I team through training, coaching, and support. Having the privilege of knowing and working with Bob Mancuso for over 20 years, he has my confidence in the team he has put in place to help my finance department be successful.
I would highly recommend Advanced Dealer Solutions if you are looking to improve your processes and your income out of your F&I department.”

– Greg Pawluk, Operating Partner
Sunnyside Chevrolet

“Immediately upon partnering with Advanced Dealer Solutions our store knew it made the right decision. Not only did our finance department see an immediate impact but the rest of the store as well. The people, products and support that was provided by ADS helped make our sales and service associates confident in providing the guest experience that is expected by today’s consumer. Our F&I managers learned skills through regular structured training in presenting vehicle protection in a way that makes the guest enjoy the process. We look forward to increased profitability with Advanced Dealer Solutions.”

– Bob Capri, Finance Director
Sunnyside Chevrolet

“I have been in the automotive industry for over 21 years, and for 10 of those years I worked for an F&I development company. We would never have been able to compete with the products and services that Advanced Dealer Solutions delivers! The benefits they offer consumers through dealerships are world-class. Their personal, detailed service to our 9-store group is unparalleled. The ability to train, develop, and redirect is data-driven and behavior based. It is definitely worth your time to sit with them for an hour and compare their approach to anyone else in the market place. You will not regret it!”

– Bryan Mason, Corporate Trainer
The Khoury Group


“I want to take a moment to share how much I value our relationship and the assistance, Jason, Bob, and the team at Advanced Dealer Solutions provides. They have given me and our team the training, products and processes needed in moving our F&I PVR to the next level. Our team has improved over $400 per retail over the past few years and we continue to get better. Again, thank you for your hard work and commitment to our success.”

– Mike VanDevere, President
VanDevere Automotive Group


“ADS has changed our views on what a company should be tracking. Having a plan and having the data to execute the plan are two very different things. ADS development managers are armed with the exact details that truly allows them to measure the effort…not just the results. Their training is far superior than anything we have ever encountered and is certainly the reason for our success!”

– Jerry VanDevere, GM
VanDevere Automotive Group

“Without question, Advanced Dealer Solutions is one of my most valued partnerships! Their passion for F&I is unmatched and they consistently exceed my expectations!”

– Joey Huang, Dealer
Great Lakes Auto Group

“Most of the product training companies I worked with during my years in the business did a good job. Looking back I realize you don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t think another company could possibly do that much more until I met ADS. If you are happy with your results like I was, but sense there’s more opportunities, you need to talk to the guys at ADS. They will take your F&I team from good to GREAT! Their services are beyond anything I could have imagined.”

– Anthony Carcioppolo, Operations Manager
Great Lakes Honda/Hyundai

“When I was first introduced to Advanced Dealer Solutions, I was very happy with my current provider. I had a strong referral to their company so I decided to set an appointment and listened to what they had to say. The fact is, they showed me the difference between what my current provider (Big box) was giving me and what Advanced Dealer Solutions could do for my dealership. Not only did my finance income immediately increase over $300.00 per delivery, but my Service Contract penetration is up double digits over the previous year! They take a personal approach with my entire staff, as if they were their own. I highly recommend Advanced Dealer Solutions for any dealership, large or small!”

– Curt Kassel, Dealer
Liberty Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of New Albany

“ADS is walking proof that there is still a right way to do business without the need of praise. When I choose to do business with someone or a company it is because I believe they have some of the same principles I do. I hired them to do a job based on what they said they could do, and the job gets done effectively. They don’t oversell what they can do, they just over-deliver, every time. I know at the end of every day my finance team is operating with better efficiency and generating more profits than they ever have before and my customers are being taken care of the right way. There’s no other company I’d rather partner with.”

– Bryan Kasper, President
Kasper Automotive Group

“I have 20 years in the car business and am rarely surprised. I have had training from many companies in that time, but ADS is the only one I have worked with that has real solutions to a challenging industry and doesn’t push their agenda on it. They have helped me become more successful through true partnership while making me feel like I’m their only client. Advanced Dealer Solutions is a company that will exceed your expectations, help you make a fair profit while staying 100% compliant, and treats its dealers like family. I would highly recommend ADS to your dealership.”

– Mike Pierce, Finance Manager
Kasper Auto Group

“In my experience with automobile dealerships over the last 20 years, I have dealt with many different product providers. Advanced Dealer Solutions is the best at not only providing quality dealership products, but also training my staff on best practices. I highly recommend ADS for anyone looking for a true partner when it comes to building retention in a service department.”

– Mike Morency, Service Director
Kasper CDJ

“When I first took over as Service Director for Kasper Toyota in Sandusky, I will admit I was apprehensive when I learned we were giving all of our customers a “Warranty Forever®” on most of the vehicles we sell. I had flash backs of dealing with other aftermarket warranty companies in the past. Fighting to get approvals and struggling to receive payment were very common to deal with. But that is not the case with ADS, claims processing is fast! The reps are prompt and professional and always willing to help with claims and more importantly, in training my staff. Our dealership has the best service retention in our region with Toyota and there is no question that it is a direct result of the program ADS provides called Warranty Forever®. With the results we see from this program I don’t see why every dealer would not utilize this program to increase retention. I highly recommend Advanced Dealer Solutions as a partner in helping to achieve high service retention.”

– Ronnie Justice, Service Director
Kasper Toyota

“As a General Manager, I have responsibilities throughout the dealership and can’t always put my hands on each and every problem as often as I might like. Having an F&I training partner in ADS provides an invaluable resource that I can count on to train and motivate my F&I staff, as well as bring new ideas to help with sales and service retention. I highly recommend ADS for any dealership looking to take the next step to grow their business!”

– Bart Barna, GM
Kasper Buick GMC

“In my tenure of 17 years at the Amato Auto Group, we have worked with a number of companies for F&I products. ADS has been much more than a vendor. They are a partner that has advanced our business through an increase in sales and service retention. I would highly recommend ADS to any dealership looking for growth.“

– Jon Lebese, Fixed Operations Director
Amato Auto Group

“The team at Advanced Dealer Solutions takes servicing their auto dealers seriously and always goes the extra mile. They genuinely want to make sure your needs are being met, regardless of the size of your request. Whether it’s in the service department, detail, the sale floor, or in the office, they’re there to make sure you are getting the service you need. They answer your emails and return your calls, keeping you in the loop. That goes a long way in this industry! I would recommend this team to anyone!”

– Bryan Baxter, Service Director
Royal Buick GMC Cadillac

“I haven’t been happier with a company and their services in my 21 years in the car business. I have had many experiences with different companies that promise to do things, and then only do it for a couple of months. ADS has done everything promised and more!! If you want an education on how much money you are spending that you don’t know about, sit down and get a lesson on how transparent this company will be for you!! Their efficiency and professionalism is incredible. All I can say is you are wasting your time with the ‘OTHER’ companies and in today’s world, why would you do that?”

– Rhonda Bystry, Corporate Finance Director
Royal Automotive/Lexus of Tucson

“I’ve had F&I providers ranging from individual agents to the larger, well-known agencies. In the end, they were all the same. They would stop by once a month, maybe schedule a meeting and train for 30 minutes if we didn’t have a delivery at that time. ADS is a true partner that is helping me get results. I have never seen such an in-depth training, reporting, and accountability system. They are all about reports, hard facts and getting in the trenches with my people. This is what I want and that is why they are my F&I partner. When they are here, my people pay attention. I am just as happy when they leave as the day they arrived because I have the information I need to hold my people accountable as well as the facts necessary to make changes for my business and my customers! They follow up between visits and together we are achieving results. They are taking F&I past the cutting edge and leaving the average old agencies in the past. Thanks, ADS!”

– Laury West Jr., Dealer
West Brothers Automotive Group.

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“ADS has been instrumental in our customer satisfaction and success. We have never experienced the level of retention prior to partnering with them. We now have customers actually “demand” that manufacturers recommended services be performed when they visit. The part I mist appreciate is the level of support, and information we receive in real-time about our customers that keeps me in the loop as to what is happening in my stores at any given moment.”

– Joe Boulware, Service Director
West Brothers Automotive.

“I have dealt with a few different training companies in my automotive career, but Advanced Dealer Solutions is very different- they actually train a ‘selling process’ to present packages to customers. It provides me the opportunity to offer all of our products in an environment that is comfortable for the customer. Other training companies tend to want to talk about last month’s numbers, but ADS is always focused on moving forward- how we can improve, how we can better serve our customers, and how I can increase my PVR. I highly recommend Advanced Dealer Solutions for anyone looking for continuous improvement for their F&I customer process!”

– Ken Huth, F&I Director
Mazda of Wooster

“Lots of companies promise the world, but deliver old schools thinking, fluff or basic strategies you can find anywhere. But, ADS’s approach is like nothing you will find anywhere! My departments F&I production has increased over $300 a car over, a direct result of the custom development plan ADS has designed for our store. My finance department has never run this smoothly. They are true professionals with a strategy that is sure to increase your bottom line.”

– John Mitchell, F&I Director
Roper Honda

“Advanced Dealer Solutions has brought unparalleled service to our dealership. They have provided us with products that perform for our customers and support and training on those products for our team members. I would highly recommend Advanced Dealer Solutions to any dealership looking for a strong reliable business relationship. ”

– Matt Allen, Finance Director
Roper Honda

“Advanced Dealer Solutions is the complete package when it comes to an F&I training platform in the automotive world. Their innovative, consultative approach sets them apart from the rest. They are by far the best company I have dealt with in my 12 years in the business. “

– Bobby Hansen, F&I Director
Lone Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep

“Mark, you are such a huge asset as far as we are concerned to our business. ADS is so meticulous with our account and the attention to detail is awesome. We love the overall attention to detail! “

– Kim Danley, Dealer
Lone Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep

“The ADS team (Mark) helped me to take my selling to a new art, and their selling system and training is by far the easiest to learn, and most user-friendly. The consistent, effort based training makes it easy to run consistently high numbers and penetration levels. Objections are removed during the selling process. As an older F&I person, adapting to change is never easy. But, the ADS team has helped re-create the confidence I had several years ago! ADS, I am sold!“

– Gary Carlock, Finance Director
Lone Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep

“ADS gets the job done! I have worked with many development companies in my years and by far no one has done a better job than these guys. If you are looking to develop your people and push the needle in F&I results, then this is the right company for you. Thank you ADS team!

– James Clark, GM
Hyundai of Bedford

My name is Dana Petry and I am employed at Cole Valley Cadillac in Warren, Ohio. I have been with my company for the last 4 years and really love my job. When I started with Cole Valley I was trained (if you want to call it that), through Zurich. I was given a 4-day training class to say what they wanted me to, and to use a menu to push payment. Although I feel I was successful after I tweaked it my way, I felt like it wasn’t enough, and Zurich did not provide continuous, ongoing development or even refresher courses.

In October the owner of my company, David Cole, brought in Advanced Dealer Solutions. I feel it has been a GREAT move on our part. Only having Zurich and how they operate to use as a reference, I was very surprised with the difference in companies and in training. Our trainer has been nothing but helpful and always available whenever we call or need assistance. The training class was one of the best I have been to. The trainer was very knowledgeable of their product and changing us from payment pushers to actually helping the customer to see ‘the need’ and ‘benefit’ of buying the product I was offering. Advanced Dealer Solutions has been really great throughout our transition and has continually trained our finance team monthly, which has given us more confidence to increase our numbers.

I have enjoyed working with Advanced Dealer Solutions and have noticed a big increase in my sales and my confidence when suggesting product to each and every customer purchasing a vehicle at Cole Valley. I have even just received my biggest bonus last month since I started at Cole Valley!

– Dana Petry, Finance Manager
Cole Valley Cadillac

If you are not currently partnered with Advanced Dealer Solutions and using their selling system, then you need to take the time to sit down and talk with this company.  We provide our customers with an interactive, engaging presentation, that allows us to separate the selling of our products, from the close of the products…just like everything else is successfully sold!  I am able to present all products to my customers in a manner that builds value using their unique sales process.

Of huge value and benefit to our team, is the ADS support team is easy to get ahold of and they take action quickly when needed.  If you are looking to be more profitable in an industry where holding gross is tougher day by day, then you need to get on board with, in my opinion, the best company in their field, Advanced Dealer Solutions.

– Jeremy Hamblin, Finance Manager
LaGrange Country Dodge

Being in the business for 20 years, I have seen a lot of finance support companies. I have worked with Ford Esp, GMPP, JM&A, and a few others, but I have never worked with a company like Advanced Dealer Solutions that consistently delivers and elevates performance!
#1 the support team is second to none, always there when we need them and very knowledgeable.
#2 the selling system, and more importantly, the consistent training, is WOW just WOW. I wish I had this team and process when I was in the finance office. I hired a finance manager with zero experience, and he runs $1400 plus per copy just from sticking to the process. I highly recommend Advanced Dealer Solutions- Pete and Mark are awesome!

– DeWayne Eck, General Manager
LaGrange Country Dodge

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