Dealership Participation Programs

Dealership Participation еarn Whether you are looking for quick access to capital, long-term estate planning, new acquisitions, or a significant return on your investment, we provide access to every participation option available. We drill down to your exact motivation and needs and provide you with the best option to accomplish them.

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assign doxycycline cost Reinsurance Programs available are CFC and NCFC and include in-depth and on-demand detailed monthly financial statements, cession statements, quarterly comprehensive business reviews, and risk-analysis.  

lamisil canada use The advantages and benefits of a Reinsurance Program Include:

  • Maximize participation in the potential underwriting profits and investment income of reinsured F&I products.
  • Program is under control of the dealer/shareholder and is completely portable.
  • Ability to self-direct part of the investment portfolio.
  • Offers unique opportunities for estate planning and/or retention of key employees.
  • Program may qualify for preferential tax benefits
  • Provides access to capital through loans, dividends, and/or to use for business investment, acquisitions, or debt reduction.

http://HJR-ENG.COM/25868-buy-cytotec.html specify Retrospective Commission Plan (Retro) – Our RETRO programs provide low volume entry points with the highest dealer participation percentages in the business.

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